What is GUI Testing? Types & Best Practices

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This validation could be automated since the screens would be identical if the case passed and different if the case failed. A defect or bug-tracking tool reports, tracks, and manages software bugs during software development and testing. These tools help maintain software quality by providing a centralized platform to track and prioritize defects. Once the development team resolves the issues, review and validate the fixes by retesting the affected areas. You can also do high-level testing of related features that have a history of malfunctioning due to code changes. This process ensures the fixes are successful and do not introduce new bugs.

what is gui testing

The need for GUI testing is to make sure that the software application is user-friendly and meets the design expectations. We perform GUI testing to check that the software is easy to use and all the visual elements (like buttons, menus, icons etc.,) are consistent. Based on your analysis, make any necessary changes to the software application.

What is Web UI Testing?

This model includes all possible interactions with the application’s GUI, such as navigation paths, input fields, and expected outputs. The goal is to use this model to generate test cases automatically, which can then be executed to verify that the application behaves as expected. To counter the limitations of manual testing, we have automation testing. Here, testers use specialized software to run a suite of predefined tests on the application.

what is gui testing

Also, the learning curve for the tool can be smoother if it supports a programming language the developers already know. In the realm of software testing, GUI testing is an interesting and somewhat controversial topic. There is confusion when it comes to defining what GUI testing is—some people might mix it up with UI testing, for instance. In the same way, there might be some overlap of concerns between GUI testing and E2E testing, which is a cause for further misunderstandings.

Stages of the software development life cycle

As you’ve seen, the term UI applies to all existing types of user interfaces. A GUI, on the other hand, it’s a specific type of user interface that makes use of graphical elements with which the user can interact. The main ones are the CLI (command-line interface) and the GUI (graphical user interface.) A command-line interface allows users to interact with the application by typing commands into a terminal. A graphical user interface, on the other hand, enables users of an application to perform the tasks they want by interacting with graphical components, such as windows, buttons, text fields, and so on.

what is gui testing

It’s used for automating testing across various browsers and platforms and offers tools for creating advanced automation scripts. A seamless user interface (UI) is vital for delivering a great user experience (UX). Without UI testing, you risk launching a product with usability and functionality issues—leading to user frustration, negative reviews, or customer churn. Test orchestration and execution platforms like LambdaTest enable you to perform UI testing of your websites and apps on its scalable cloud grid. Therefore, you have the complete flexibility to websites and mobile applications in a remote environment across an online device farm of 3000+ real devices and OS combinations.

Types of GUI Testing

This typically involves the evaluation of visual components that users interact with. The primary goal is to validate not just functionality, but also the performance of these elements. UI Testing essentially acts as a quality checkpoint, verifying that the software’s user interface aligns with the user’s needs and expectations, thus enhancing overall user experience. Manual UI testing is a technique where human testers interact directly with a software application’s user interface to assess its functionality, usability, and visual aspects. This hands-on approach involves systematically doing test cases and scenarios, mimicking user actions, and observing how the application responds. Manual UI testing is characterized by its attention to detail and the human tester’s ability to evaluate the application from a user’s perspective.

  • Once you create the recording, are you able to rearrange test steps?
  • Visual GUI testing was typically performed by manual testers, who used their eyes to verify that the application functions correctly.
  • Automated GUI testing tools help verify that all user interface elements like buttons, menus, dialogs, and forms behave as expected.
  • To ensure the ultimate user experience of your web and mobile applications, testing them on real browsers, devices, and operating systems is recommended.
  • It’s also essential to search through the messages the application displays, looking for spelling and grammatical mistakes and ensuring they conform to the specifications.

Once all the tests have been run, compile the results into a report. This should detail which tests passed, which failed, and any anomalies or issues that were encountered. Analyze these results to identify any trends or recurring gui testing issues that might indicate a deeper problem. But let’s not forget about the time necessary to create and maintain the test cases themselves. It’s now time to provide a definition of UI testing that goes beyond the obvious.

How to write a GUI test plan?

Manual testing and automation testing are the two primary UI testing techniques. Here’s an explanation of each—what they are, and their pros and cons. This UI testing (User Interface Testing) tutorial will now look at how to run UI tests for our websites or web applications. User interface testing procedure will vary based on the size of your team and the project. We outline the typical procedure for carrying out efficient UI testing below. You can either stick to the process exactly or modify it to fit your particular team structure and company demands.

what is gui testing

The difficulty lies in generating test suites that simulate ‘novice’ system usage. Using genetic algorithms have been proposed to solve this problem.[7] Novice paths through the system are not random paths. First, a novice user will learn over time and generally would not make the same mistakes repeatedly, and, secondly, a novice user is following a plan and probably has some domain or system knowledge. A GUI may change significantly, even though the underlying application does not. A test designed to follow a certain path through the GUI may then fail since a button, menu item, or dialog may have changed location or appearance.

User Interface Testing: A Vital Ingredient for Customer Satisfaction

At first glance, it may appear that if there are fewer components of web UI testing, it is ideal to go for manual web UI testing, which can be done easily and quickly. This is correct and should be done for simple websites, but it should not be done for complicated ones. In Manual UI acceptance testing, you can run each test manually on every element. For example, validating an input field might include repeatedly entering different values to look for inconsistencies. To execute UI tests efficiently, you must cover all critical test cases.

what is gui testing

That represents a non-trivial cost if you consider that most testers won’t have coding skills and the responsibility of writing the scripts will fall onto the laps of highly-paid software engineers. The first type of Graphical user interface testing is Analog Recording. With the help of analog recording, people will always be connected with the GUI testing tools.

Functional Components

TestComplete offers an extensive range of functionalities for automated GUI testing. It supports a wide array of platforms including web, mobile, and desktop applications. TestComplete’s record-and-playback feature makes it easy to create automated tests without needing extensive programming skills. By understanding and addressing these challenges, testers can improve the overall quality and user experience of the application.

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