Fetal alcohol syndrome Symptoms and causes

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The type of FASD symptoms a baby has and how severe they are is different depending on how often, and how much, the mother drank during pregnancy. The greater the amount of alcohol consumed, the more severe the symptoms tend to be. Tony Loneman, a character in Tommy Orange’s novel There There, was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which he calls “the Drome”.

fetal alcohol syndrome

There isn’t a direct test for FAS and pregnant people may not give a complete history of all alcohol intake during pregnancy. The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome tend to get worse as a person grows up. The more you drink while pregnant, the greater the risk to your unborn baby. Your baby’s brain, heart and blood vessels begin to develop in the early weeks of pregnancy, before you may know you’re pregnant.

What causes fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)?

This is because a woman could get pregnant and not know for up to 4 to 6 weeks.

There’s no known safe amount of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. If you suspect your child has fetal alcohol syndrome, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis may help to reduce problems such as learning difficulties and behavioral issues. FAS can occur if a fetus is exposed to alcohol in the womb.

How are fetal alcohol spectrum disorders diagnosed?

Women should be educated about immediate alcohol discontinuation once pregnancy is confirmed and encouraged to undergo antenatal care. Prenatal alcohol exposure is a leading preventable cause of birth defects and neurodevelopmental disorders in the United States. Women who need help to stop drinking alcohol can talk to their health care provider about treatment options.

This gives the parents a break so they can take care of other family needs. Ask your child’s healthcare provider about https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/fetal-alcohol-syndrome-overview/ services in your area. One person might have only a few, while another person could experience all of them.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention

Fetal alcohol syndrome causes brain damage and growth problems. The problems caused by fetal alcohol syndrome vary from child to child, but defects caused by fetal alcohol syndrome are not reversible. FAS is characterized by prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE), craniofacial (head and face) differences, neurodevelopmental abnormalities (including behavioral issues), and growth impairment. Unfortunately, up to 5% of first graders in the United States have FASD. You can avoid fetal alcohol syndrome by not drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

  • The alcohol is more concentrated in the fetus, and it can prevent enough nutrition and oxygen from getting to the fetus’s vital organs.
  • To diagnose fetal alcohol syndrome, doctors look for unusual facial features, lower-than-average height and weight, small head size, problems with attention and hyperactivity, and poor coordination.
  • Although there is no treatment for FAS, there are strategies that can improve its symptoms.
  • Moreover, morphological evaluation for the diagnosis of FAS has limitations such as racial differences [11].
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a condition that develops in a fetus (developing baby) when a pregnant person drinks alcohol during pregnancy.

Our scientists are studying fetal alcohol syndrome and the impact of environmental factors in the etiology, treatment, and prevention of mental retardation and developmental disabilities. FASDs are preventable if a baby is not exposed to alcohol before birth. FASDs happen when a mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy. Like other drugs, alcohol can pass from the mother’s blood through the placenta to the baby. Alcohol is broken down more slowly in the baby than in an adult. Even light or moderate drinking can affect the growing baby.

And there is no time during pregnancy when it’s considered safe to drink alcohol, either. There is no known safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy or when trying to get pregnant. Alcohol can cause problems for a developing baby throughout pregnancy, including before a woman knows she’s pregnant. All https://ecosoberhouse.com/ types of alcohol are equally harmful, including all wines and beer. However, if your child has problems with learning and behavior, talk with his or her doctor so that the underlying cause might be identified. FASDs are a range of conditions that occur if a fetus is exposed to alcohol before birth.

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